Twemoji 13.1.1 Emoji Changelog

Twemoji 13.1.1 Emoji Changelog

Twitter has rolled out a small new emoji update: Twemoji 13.1.1. Several existing emoji designs have been updated, including 🤝 Handshake and 🔋 Battery emojis, both of which will have complimentary new emojis arriving in Emoji 14.0.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Twitter has since released Twemoji 14.0, which includes new emojis such as đŸĢ  Melting Face and đŸĢĄ Saluting Face. More about Twemoji 14.0.

Additionally, Twemoji 13.1.1 does not alter the aesthetic of Twitter's emoji designs, despite new glossy emoji designs appearing in various locations across Twitter since early 2021.

The two hands shown in 🤝 Handshake emoji are now clasped together in an embrace.

The body of the 🔋 Battery is now fully green, as per most other major vendors.

As mentioned, both the 🤝 Handshake and 🔋 Battery have new related emojis recommended within 2021's Emoji 14.0 recommendations: specifically multiple skin tone support options for 🤝 Handshake and a new đŸĒĢ Low Battery emoji.

However, Twemoji 13.1.1 update did not include any of the new emojis from Emoji 14.0, which also includes đŸĢ  Melting Face, đŸĢĄ Saluting Face, and đŸĢļ Heart Hands. These are instead expected in an additional update in the near future.

The remaining three emoji designs updated in Twemoji 13.1.1 are from the 🎌 Flags category.

The đŸŗī¸â€đŸŒˆ Rainbow Flag's orange and yellows stripes are now more distinct from one another.

🇧đŸ‡Ē Flag: Belgium is now displayed with accurate 13:15 proportions.

🇮đŸ‡ŗ Flag: India's central Ashoka Chakra is now more accurately rendered.

đŸ“ļ Release

The latest designs from Twemoji 13.1.1 are now showing on the Twitter website. Some Android versions of the Twitter app also use Twemoji, and these updates are expected to appear over the coming weeks.

Twitter for iOS uses native system-wide emojis from Apple and is unaffected by this change.

As mentioned above, none of the new emojis approved for release in 2022 were part of this update. Expect to see those arrive in a future release.

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