JoyPixels 6.5 Emoji Changelog

JoyPixels 6.5 Emoji Changelog

Today JoyPixels has releases the latest incarnation of its Unicode compliant emoji set: JoyPixels 6.5. New additions include a Face in Clouds and a Mending Heart, alongside the considerable number of design changes across existing gesture and symbol emojis.


Above: All the new emojis in JoyPixels 6.5.

JoyPixels 6.5 includes 217 new emojis, with all 217 drawn from Emoji 13.1. Additionally, this update features a large number of changes to a variety of designs, with extensive changes across gestures, objects, and symbols.

The large number of changes to previously-released emoji designs has been a long-standing hallmark of JoyPixels updates, and JoyPixels 6.5 is no different. Several hundred emojis have been updated, with all hand gestures and flags been modified in some fashion.

🆕 New

JoyPixels 6.5 includes all 217 new emojis introduced in Emoji 13.1. Amongst them are three new smiley emojis, namely ðŸ˜Ū‍ðŸ’Ļ Face Exhaling, ðŸ˜ĩ‍ðŸ’Ŧ Face with Spiral Eyes, and ðŸ˜ķ‍ðŸŒŦïļ Face in Clouds.


Two new heart emojis are included in JoyPixels 6.5. They are âĪïļâ€ðŸ”Ĩ Heart on Fire and âĪïļâ€ðŸĐđ Mending Heart.


This update also introduces two new gender-specifying variants of 🧔 Person: Beard[1]: 🧔‍♀ïļ Woman: Beard and 🧔‍♂ïļ Man: Beard.


Emoji 13.1 introduces a large number of new
skin tone combinations for the 💑 Couple with Heart and 💏 Kiss emojis.


Above: 💑 Couple with Heart now comes with a choice of skin tones for either person in JoyPixels 6.5.


Above: 💏 Kiss now comes with a choice of skin tones for either person in JoyPixels 6.5.

🆙 Changed

😷 Face with Medical Mask now has a more detailed blue surgical mask.


🧔 Person: Beard now has a gender-inclusive appearance, in keeping with recent changes to other emojis which don't specify a gender.


🧜 Merperson no long has their arms folded, alongside a new top and a more colorful tail.


🛀 Person Taking Bath has a new shower head and more numerous bubbles.


👏 Clapping Hands has a more rounded shape and now features fingernails.


One of the ðŸŦ‚ People Hugging now has distinguishable thumbs and a protruding ear.


The ðŸĶ  Microbe now resembles a virus[2] as opposed to a bacteria, akin to Apple's design.


💉 Syringe now has a blue needle adaptor and hub, as well as a more detailed plunger.


ðŸŦ Blueberries now features two green leaves.


The ðŸŠĪ Mouse Trap is now a non-lethal contraption.


The bridge shown in the 🌁 Foggy emoji has additional details, further echoing the Golden Gate bridge.


The â™ŋ Wheelchair Symbol now uses the more active Accessible Icon Project style image.


The 🆒 Cool Button has a new design echoing Facebook's current design.


ðŸģïļâ€ðŸŒˆ Rainbow Flag now displays as a circular symbol, as per most other flag emojis in the JoyPixels set.


The ðŸ‡ģðŸ‡ĩ Flag of Nepal now displays as two pennons without any circular white space.


ðŸ“ķ Release

JoyPixels 6.5 is available now. Like the previous JoyPixels update, it is available on a freemium basis, with licensing required for some but not all usage types.

Read more about the 6.5 release announcement and related licencing details on the JoyPixels website.

  1. In previous JoyPixels releases, 🧔 Person: Beard had the design of the new gender-specifying 🧔‍♂ïļ Man: Beard sequence. In JoyPixels 6.5, 🧔 Person: Beard now shows a gender neutral design. â†ĐïļŽ

  2. Unsurprisingly, it specifically resembles the COVID-19 virion. â†ĐïļŽ