Happy #WorldEmojiDay 2019 πŸŽ‰ Here at Emojipedia we're be celebrating in a few ways.

The National Museum of Cinema

Emojipedia partnered with the National Museum of Cinema in Turin for an exhibition launching today (July 17). The exhibition looks at physiognomy and how these historical works of cinema relate to modern-day emojis.

The emoji archive section features details about Emojipedia, and recaps some of our recent work to archive old emoji sets. This is the first exhibition to show the original 1997 emoji set from SoftBank.

British Library

The British Library has an ongoing exhibition Making Your Mark: From Hieroglyphics to Emojis and for #WorldEmojiDay is hosting and evening with myself and Unicode President Mark Davis.

World Emoji Awards

The World Emoji Awards are where we attempt to detemine the most popular or most anticipated emojis each year.

This year the Most Popular Emoji award was determined using Emojipedia data, and the Most Anticipated Emoji was put to a public vote.

Emoji Wrap

Our World Emoji Day edition of the Emoji Wrap podcast and newsletter came out today.


As always, companies often put their own emoji announcements on World Emoji Day. There's far too many to keep track of online, but those of most interest to the Emojipedia audience may be:

Unicode also posted about considering color options for emoji updates in future here.

When will you get the new emojis?

The most common question we get at this time of year is when the new emojis are coming to each platform. Here's the best rundown that we have:

Both Twitter and Microsoft have Emoji 12.0 support in their shipping products right now, and Google has been rolling out its new emoji support in Android betas since May.

Apple held off showing its new emojis until today, but these haven't reached even betas of iOS at this time. Facebook, WhatsApp and Samsung remain, and generally update later in the year.

View the 2019 emoji list.