Samsung Fixes Fingers Crossed Emoji

Samsung Fixes Fingers Crossed Emoji

Last year, Samsung released an impressive emoji update which featured one puzzling addition:

Samsung's 🀞 Crossed Fingers emoji of 2016 had an additional finger, which was an unusual departure from the type of hands usually seen on humans.

This has been fixed in the latest release:

Presumably the earlier design was simply an oversight or mistake, but given Samsung's penchant for unique emoji designs, this could not be guaranteed.

Samsung users can look forward to this anatomically correct hand in this update on supported devices.

Also changed in this release is a design update for the kissing couple emojis. These now look more consistent with other Samsung emoji people, as well as other platforms.

Above: Samsung has updated these emojis in their latest release.

No other new emojis have been added in this update.

πŸ™„ Face With Rolling Eyes did not receive an update in this release, and remains an issue for Samsung users.

Above: Face With Rolling Eyes as it appears on various platforms.


This update is presumably[1] coming to all Samsung devices which support the previous Android 7.0 Nougat update. The Android version number has not changed for this release.

Samsung was unable to respond to questions about these changes.

  1. Due to the way Samsung releases updates via carriers, it's unclear which devices get which updates, and when. h/t Alexander who noted this update for us. β†©οΈŽ