iOS 10 Emoji Update: First Look

iOS 10 Emoji Update: First Look

Update September 2016: iOS 10 has been released, and a full changelog of emoji updates is available.

Apple today released iOS 10 beta 4 which includes an emoji update. Changes and additions include:

  • Rainbow Flag
  • Single Parent Families
  • Gender Variations
  • Redesigned Emoji Images

Above: New emojis are coming to iOS 10.

New gendered emoji options are displayed on the emoji keyboard, with male and female versions of most existing emojis now provided:

Above: Female Runner is new in iOS 10.

All smileys and humans have been redesigned, with a more details, textures, and less gloss.

Not all emoji images have been updated, but as this is still in beta all details remain subject to change.

New Women

New female iterations of previously male-displayed emojis include a guardswoman, female cyclist, woman bowing, and female police officer.

New Men

New male versions of previously female-dominated emojis include a man raising one hand, pouting man and a man having his hair cut:


Men With Bunny Ears is fun:

Woman With Turban is new:

Wheelchair has become more active:

The 🔫 pistol emoji has changed to a toy gun.

This is interesting timing, as Windows 10 Anniversary Update includes a redesigned emoji font, which for the first time changes the toy gun into a real gun.

This could be problematic.

Still to come

At this stage, iOS 10 does not include any Unicode 9 emoji updates, nor does it support the upcoming emoji professions.

We'll have further details closer to the public launch of iOS 10, currently expected in September 2016.