Happy Chinese New Year!

It's Chinese New Year, and many people will be celebrating around the globe.

This year is year of the 🐓 Rooster.

Fun Fact: Each of the Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs has an emoji.

This is deliberate, and dates back to the original Japanese emoji set. These are:

In some good news for those celebrating, three new emojis relevant to Chinese New Year have been added as candidates for a future Unicode release.

These were given candidate status at the recent Unicode Technical Committee meeting in January 2017:

As these are only candidates at this stage, no final decisions have been made whether these are to be accepted.

Above: Mooncake, Red Envelope and Firecracker are emoji candidates for 2018. Image: Facemoji Keyboard/Jennifer Lee.

If accepted, the earliest these would be seen on emoji keyboards would be in mid 2018.

Jeremy Burge

Jeremy Burge

Jeremy Burge is the Editor in Chief of Emojipedia and host of the Emoji Wrap podcast.

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Happy Chinese New Year!
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