77% Of 56-64 Year Olds Use Emojis On Messenger

77% Of 56-64 Year Olds Use Emojis On Messenger

Statistics revealed by Facebook today show the extent that emojis are used on their Messenger platform.

While it might not be surprising to some that the vast majority of teens (13-18) use emojis on Messenger (92%), some may not have expected 77% of those aged 56-64 to use emojis.[1]

Referring to the rise in emoji use on Messenger, Facebook notes:

“Emojis present a fun, easy-to-use language for emotional expression that can’t be subverted by auto-correct. We can create a unique “language” that our closest friends will recognize and quickly translate into more complex conversations of subtext and shared experiences.”

Alongside some emoji stats, we get a comparative rate of GIF use - which isn't as common as emoji use, but is in the same ballpark.

Above: Emoji and GIF use is high on Messenger. Image: Facebook.

Also, Germans send an above-average frequency of angry and bored emojis[2] compared to other nations. So there's that.

Above: America is heart-eyes-emoji for GIFs. Image: Facebook.

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  1. Not me. My grandparents are huge emoji users and well into their 80s. Sadly Facebook did not reveal stats for all age groups. ↩︎

  2. It's not clear to me what constitutes a bored emoji here. Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for clarification, but I will update this entry if or when we receive a response. ↩︎