5 Billion Emojis Sent Daily on Messenger

5 Billion Emojis Sent Daily on Messenger

Facebook has released new statistics to coincide with World Emoji Day showing an average of 5 billion emojis sent each day on Messenger.

This makes the otherwise-impressive figure of 60 million emojis being sent on Facebook look rather quaint by comparison.

Above: On average over 5 billion emojis are sent on Messenger daily. Image: Facebook

Another interesting comparison between the privacy-focussed Messenger and the more open Facebook is the difference in emojis used.

While evergreen πŸ˜‚ Face With Tears of Joy is most popular on Facebook, this data shows more people sending hearts when in the privacy of Messenger.

Above: People reserve their hearts for the privacy of Messenger. Image: Facebook.

The top 10 emojis used on Facebook:

Top emojis used on Messenger:

Now we'd love to see how many words there are for every emoji used. Perhaps next year!