It's New Emoji Week for iOS

It's New Emoji Week for iOS

Even though other platforms such as Android and Windows added new emojis weeks or months ago, it's the iOS emoji updates that gets most people's attention.

The additional attention given to the iOS emoji font likely stems from the wide availability of iOS 11.1 to just about any iOS device in the past four years. Other platforms tend to have more gradual releases, and many users aren't eligible to update.

This week I was joined on the podcast by Myke Hurley. Myke is the co-founder of Relay FM, and host of many popular tech-related podcasts such as Upgrade with Jason Snell, Connected with Federico Viticci and Stephen Hackett, and Cortex with CGP Grey.

In addition to iOS we look at why Slack hasn't updated their emojis in two years, and what exactly did Google CEO Sundar Pichai think would happen when he made a little joke about a burger.

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