Emoji Trends Are Here

Emoji Trends Are Here

💁 Sassy girl peaked years ago but 🐶 dogs are very in right now. We’ve added trends to Emojipedia! 📈📉

If you've ever wondered if the relevance of any emoji is on the incline or the decline, emoji trends will give you this insight.

Stats are from the impressive Google Trends which reflect when interest in any given emoji peaks.

To view emoji trends, scroll down on any emoji page then click or tap the Trends button to display the graph:

Some notes:

  • "Interest" in this instance is how many people search for that specific emoji on Google.
  • Each graph is relative to the emoji being viewed. 100 represents when that emoji saw its highest number of searches.
  • Data goes back five years. Newer emojis may not have sufficient data to display a graph
  • Click or tap through to Google Trends to compare one emoji against another.

And just so you know:

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