Emoji Kitchen joins other Emoji Twitter Bots

Emoji Kitchen joins other Emoji Twitter Bots

A Twitter bot is sharing different designs from Google's popular Emoji Kitchen feature within Gboard, which allows users to combine different emoji designs and send them as stickers. It joins the ranks of many other emoji-based bots on the platform.

Operating under the handle @EmojiKitchen, the new bot describes itself as an "unofficial emoji Twitter account" but as an "official love letter to Emoji Kitchen".

The Emoji Kitchen first launched within Gboard in early 2020, and was the brainchild of Google's Jennifer Daniel - the current chairperson of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee.

As of its most recent update, the Emoji Kitchen boasts over 25,000 different unique designs, which can be explored across nearly 700 different emojis across the emoji keyboard, and the new @EmojiKitchen bot appears to support the vast majority of these options and designs.

This unofficial @EmojiKitchen bot is similar to Emojipedia's own official @BotEmoji, which will respond to an emoji-featuring tweet with a link to that emoji's Emojipedia meaning page.

@BotEmoji has been in operation since 2016.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ³ Emoji Kitchen Ingredients

If @EmojiKitchen is sent a tweet with two emojis that can be combined within the Emoji Kitchen, the bot will reply with those emojis' mashed-up design:

If two of the same supported emoji are included within a tweet, you'll get an especially exaggerated "doubled up" version of that emoji's Noto Color Emoji design.

If @EmojiKitchen is sent a tweet that has an emoji that the Emoji Kitchen does not yet support (e.g. πŸ‘‹ Waving Hand) alongside one that it does (e.g. 😁 Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes), the bot will offer an alternative design using the single emoji that it does support and another supported emoji.

The same is done if a tweet with only a single emoji is sent to the bot, providing that that single emoji is supported by the Emoji Kitchen.

Additionally, if the bot receives a tweet with two or more emojis that the Emoji Kitchen has yet to support, it may offer a piece of heart-shaped emoji grid art.

πŸ€– Other Emoji Bots

This is not the first time a Google emoji creation has been championed by a Twitter bot. The bot @yestoemoji highlights designs from the minimalist Noto Emoji font. Learn more about Noto Emoji.

Another famous example of emoji images being shared by a bot is of course the @EmojiMashupBot, which combines different design emoji attributes from the Twemoji set.

While @EmojiKitchen, @yestoemoji, and the @EmojiMashupBot share images of emoji designs, other Twitter bots such as @EmojiFarm and @EmojiMeadow provide emoji grid art following a certain theme.

Meanwhile, others such as @EmojiAquarium depict a scene using a combination of spaces and emojis.

Furthermore, bots like @EmojiTetra and @EmojiSnakeGame allow users to play emoji-based versions of classic arcade games collectively via Twitter polls.

Many of these emoji-based Twitter bots were developed by Joe Sondow.

Creating emoji grid art is also something we ourselves have been playing around with more and more on Emojipedia's own Twitter account.

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