Memoji Upgrades Coming to iOS 13

Memoji Upgrades Coming to iOS 13

Apple today announced a range of improvements to Memoji functionality including new customization options and integration of Memoji into the emoji keyboard.

Coming to iOS 13 later this year, these Memoji updates allow customization of teeth, makeup, jewellery, and even AirPods.

In a big usability enhancement, no longer do you have to pose each time to make a sticker of a Memoji. Instead, Apple is coming after Bitmoji and providing a bunch of emoji-like stickers which can be inserted with a single tap.

Above: Memoji Stickers provide a Bitmoji-like experience

Shown on stage at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference in San Jose, these new features are making their way to the built-in emoji keyboard.

Supported apps present an emoji keyboard which mixes Memoji options with standard Unicode emoji. How exactly this works, and which apps support it, is what remains to be seen.

Above: Memoji stickers appearing alongside regular Unicode emojis.

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