First Look: Samsung Unicode 9 Emoji Support

First Look: Samsung Unicode 9 Emoji Support

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month which which added support for emoji flags, and now has in the works a much larger emoji update.

The next Samsung Emoji update is to include Unicode 9 Emojis such as Duck, Owl, and ROFL. This will also be the first Samsung update to support skin tone modifiers for emoji.

Above: Samsung's Forthcoming Unicode 9 Emojis.

Skin Tones

Skin tones are supported in this upcoming release, but in an odd implementation detail, the default shade remains white.

Other platforms tend to make the default human emojis yellow, with skin tones an optional extra.

Above: Samsung makes default-yellow white as well.

All human characters are to support skin tone modifiers, including the latest Unicode 9 additions.


This update is not yet available for users, and no public release date has been provided by Samsung.

With Google recently releasing stock Android 7.0 Nougat (which also added skin tone support), Samsung's version of Android 7.0 is a logical time that this may be released.[1]

  1. Note: this is speculation. ↩︎