Apple Reveals New Emojis for World Emoji Day

Apple Reveals New Emojis for World Emoji Day

In celebration of World Emoji Day, Apple is today sharing a sneak peak at their new emojis for 2017.

New emoji designs being previewed today include Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person and Breastfeeding.

Above: New emojis coming to iOS later this year.

As part of Unicode's Emoji 5.0 release, fantasy characters such as the Zombie and Elf are to be made available on iOS for the first time.

Above: Woman Elf and Man Zombie characters from a future iOS release.

Skin tone and gender options are listed by Unicode for the Elf,[1] and presumed to be coming when Apple releases this update to the public.

Some of the most popular additions in any emoji release are the smileys. These tend to be the most used, and this year is unlikely to be an exception.

Exploding Head, Face Vomiting, Star-Struck, and Crazy Face are all shown here, and coming to the iOS emoji keyboard in 2017.

Above: Four new emojis coming this year to iOS.

Hungry for new food options? Sandwich is on the way; along with other additions like Coconut, Pie, and Dumpling.

Above: Apple's new Sandwich emoji appears to include cheese, ham (?), tomato and lettuce.

Of the new animals, I love this T-Rex. There's also a Zebra, Giraffe, and Hedgehog on the way.

World Emoji Day

In some ways, we have Apple to thank for World Emoji Day. The calendar emoji on iOS has always shown today's date: July 17.

The origin of this date is that iCal for Mac was first announced on July 17; and thus the date has been used in many Apple calendar icons since, including iCal, the original Calendar app for iOS, and the calendar emoji.

While World Emoji Day is about more than this one emoji, we do have the pay respect to the origin of why this date was chosen!


All new emojis previewed today are part of Unicode's 2017 list; Emoji 5.0.

Users can expect to find these on their emoji keyboards by the end of 2017.

Which emoji are you looking forward to the most? Voting is now open for Most Anticipated Emoji in the World Emoji Awards.


  1. Just genders for the zombie, no different skin tones. ↩︎